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If you do not have a website or webpage or simply do not understand what a guestbook is, you probably better close this page now.


Recently we've noticed that due to enourmously increased amount of link spamming many site owners had to close their guestbooks. Normally they would not do this, they like to have a feedback from their visitors, but they just could not beat the spam. It's very simple - most of the link spamming is done by computers and software, not manually by people, and if the guestbook script doesn't have any possibilities to prevent an automatic spam, you just cannot beat it manually. We decided to make this service for those who would like to have a guestbook on their site but helpless against spammers. You should understand that we cannot distinct a casual spammer who do his job manually from an ordinary user. We prevent only automatic or intensive manual spamming. But this is more than 99% of current guestbook spam. So generally you do not have to worry about spammers if you use our service, we will take care of them.


This service is free of charge. If you wish to use the service, you simply need to register. Then you will be able to customize your guestbook (select colors and fonts for it) if you wish or you can leave it as is. Then you simply link to the page with the guesbook from your site, or incorporate it into your site with the means of html frames. Here are some examples of how to use frames.

There are two moments you have to understand:

1. As a website that distributes public-accessible information this service has to comply with the existing laws and regulations.
2. This service is not a charity, it's supposed to make some money. Since you do not pay for it, it must benefit from an advertising or other means.

Hence the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, that you must read before using this service.

If everything is OK with you - Create Your Guestbook Now >>>


You can ask your questions and make suggestions in user support section which is simply made as one of the guestbooks. You can visit it just to see what the typical guestbook powered by this service looks like.

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